Citrix Access Gateway

Citrix access is for authorized users ONLY.

If this is your first time to connect to Citrix, please follow the instructions below to download and install the required Citrix software for your computer. After you have installed the Citrix client, select the logon button on the right to connect.

Installing Citrix Receiver on Windows PC

Go to

  1. Select “Detect my device and install Receiver”
  2. If using Windows, select the blue button labeled “Download Receiver for Windows”.
  3. Agree to the EULA and select continue.
  4. Save the install to your local computer.
  5. Once downloaded, select “Open Folder”.
  6. Launch the CitrixReceiver.
  7. Select all defaults.
  8. Once installed, go to and select the Logon button.
  9. If you see a blank screen, go to 9a – If you see a login prompt, go to step 10
    1. In the upper right had corner of Internet Explorer you’ll see an icon that looks like a little gear – That is the shortcut for “settings”
    2. Choose “Compatibility View Settings.”
    3. Next you’ll see a screen that wants to add “” 
    4. Choose the “add” button
    5. Choose “Close”
    6. Close your Internet Explorer
    7. Open Internet Explorer and repeat step 8 “go to and select the Logon button.” 
    8. You should see a login prompt
  10. Enter your credentials.
  11. The first time you launch an application you should receive warnings to allow permissions and/or ActiveX. Check any box that says “do not ask again” or anything similar. Then select “Always allow full permissions” for anything Citrix related.


Installing Citrix Receiver on Mac

Go to

  1. Click Download Receiver.
  2. Launch the downloaded .dmg file and it will mount the installer.
  3. Double click the “Install Citrix Receiver” icon to begin the installation and follow prompts accepting and selecting defaults. (Note: If you have a previous version or are re-installing make sure to run the “Uninstall Citrix Receiver” option first.)
  4. Citrix Receiver will be installed and available in your Applications folder. Browse to your applications folder and launch Citrix Reciever.
  5. You will be prompted to enter the server information as follows:
    Click Next.
  6. Enter your credentials. (ad\myusername)
  7. Click the green plus sign to open an application and you’ll be prompted once more for your credentials.
  8. After this, your Citrix applications should be available by clicking “All Applications” then clicking on the desired application to launch.