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Rainfall data by Vieux, Inc.

This page compares rainfall for the one, two and three years, and river flow over the last year and last 10 years, to normal levels. Rainfall maps are updated monthly; river flows are updated weekly.

1-year rainfall
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2-year rainfall
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3-year rainfall
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River Flows

Last update to river flow plots: April 30, 2018

River flows naturally fluctuate seasonally, with the highest flows normally seen during and immediately after the rainy season (June–September), and the lowest flows at the end of the dry season (October–May). To gage the health of the river, it’s important to compare the flows to the historic averages for that time of year.

The plots below show flows for four rivers over one-year and 10-year time periods. Readings are placed in four categories: above normal, normal, below normal and extremely low. Plots show how actual river fluctuations over those time periods compare to normal flows based on historic averages.

Please note that the 10-year plots include the drought of record in 2000, which is reflected by the extreme low flows during 2000–2001.

Printable PDF version of 1-year and 10-year river flows

Alafia River at Lithia — one-year period

Alafia River one-year river flow

Alafia River at Lithia — 10-year period

Alafia River 10-year river flow

Hillsborough River near Zephyrhills — one-year period

Hillsborough River one-year river flow

Hillsborough River near Zephyrhills — 10-year period

Hillsborough River 10-year river flow

Peace River at Arcadia — one-year period

Peace River one-year river flow

Peace River at Arcadia — 10-year period

Peace River 10-year river flow

Withlacoochee River near Holder — one-year period

Withlacoochee one-year river flow

Withlacoochee River near Holder — 10-year period

Withlacoochee 10-year river flow
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