In 1999, the District initiated the Northern Tampa Bay Phase II investigation as a follow-up to the Northern Tampa Bay Water Resource Assessment Project and the development of Minimum Flows and Levels. Through a series of projects, this study will continue assessments of the biologic and hydrologic systems in Northern Tampa Bay to support the ongoing development of minimum flows and levels, water resources recovery, water use permitting, and environmental resource permitting. Projects include the further development of minimum flows and levels methodologies, assessments of rehydration techniques, and expanded biologic and hydrologic data collection. These studies will continue through 2010.

Please view the most recent Scope of Work. We encourage all interested parties to read the Scope of Work, and provide comments or ask questions. Additionally, public meetings will be scheduled for the District to receive public comment and technical input. Please watch this site for announcements of when and where these meetings will take place.

Update to NTB II Projects September 2002

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