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The mission of the Southwest Florida Water Management District is to manage water and related natural resources to ensure their continued availability while maximizing the benefits to the public.

Water: From the Ground to the Tap and Back

A three-part video features District experts who explain where water comes from, how it gets to your home and where it goes after it is used.

Meet the Springs Team

The Springs Team includes a diverse group of scientists and engineers representing a wide range of water resources disciplines.

FARMS Program

FARMS is an agricultural cost-share reimbursement program that reduces groundwater withdrawals from the Upper Floridan aquifer through conservation and alternative water supply best management practices.

Withlacoochee River Watershed Initiative

The Southwest Florida Water Management District is studying the Withlacoochee River and its surrounding watershed from the Green Swamp to the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping Success Stories

Communities, developers and landscape professionals are embracing Florida-Friendly Landscaping practices.

How fertilizing can impact the environment

Florida-Friendly Fertilizing -- How fertilizing can impact the environment.

Fix It for Less: Bathroom 1

Learn how to check for leaks, determine your flow rates of bathroom fixtures, and how to install water-efficient showerheads.

Jay B. Starkey Off-Road Bike Trail

The District opened a new off-road bike trail in Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park in New Port Richey. The project is in partnership with Pasco County and the Southwest Association of Mountain Bike Pedalers (SWAMP).

Timer Trouble

Public Service Announcement: How to set your irrigation timer to skip a week during the winter months.

Rock Ponds Ecosystem Restoration

On April 13, 2016, the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) held a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the 1,043 acre Rock Ponds Ecosystem Restoration project.

Sources and Cycles: Balancing Water Needs

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) explains how Tampa Bay Water balances the water needs of the Tampa Bay area.

Potts Preserve Espanol

Potts Preserve esta en el Nor Este del condado Citrus tiene nueve mil trescientos acres de terreno salvaje y prístino de la Florida. Esta área fue comprada por SFWMD para proteger sus aguas y humedales