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Pollution & Water Quality

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Fertilizing Tips: Landscape and Fertilizing Tips for Homeowners and Those Who Hire Lawn Services


Fertilizing Tips: Landscape and Fertilizing Tips for Homeowners and Those Who Hire Lawn Services Download PDF 323KB

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Florida Waters

112-page booklet

Learn about Florida’s water resources, including history of the state and its native inhabitants, how the state’s ecology formed, modern water management, weather cycles, water use and water quality, and current resource restoration efforts.

Florida Waters Download PDF 8.6MB

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Florida-Friendly Fertilizing (A Do-It-Yourself Guide to…)


This 20-page booklet provides simple steps to correctly apply fertilizer and maintain a healthy lawn while protecting water resources from harmful nutrient runoff.

Florida-Friendly Fertilizing (A Do-It-Yourself Guide to…) Download PDF 4.4MB

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Florida-Friendly Fertilizing TIPS

Tip card

Quick tips on fertilizer use.

Florida-Friendly Fertilizing TIPS Download PDF 1.2MB

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Hazardous Chemicals!


What you need to know to protect your family and our water resources.

Hazardous Chemicals! Download PDF 10.1MB

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Stormwater Systems in Your Neighborhood


If properly maintained, stormwater ponds help prevent flooding and filter out pollutants before they reach streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, ground water, estuaries and, ultimately, the gulf.

Stormwater Systems in Your Neighborhood Download PDF 2.2MB

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Water Tips: Protect the Waterfront

tip card

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8-page newsletter

Grades 6-12. Issues contain a classroom activity and articles on a variety of water resources issues. Subject areas include economics, science, math and reading. Correlated to Florida’s Sunshine State Standards. Teacher’s guides available for all issues.

WaterWeb: Estuaries

WaterWeb: Estuaries Download PDF 1.3MB

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WaterWeb: Estuaries, Teacher’s Guide

WaterWeb: Estuaries, Teacher’s Guide Download PDF 325KB

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WaterWeb: Groundwater

WaterWeb: Groundwater Download PDF 1.8MB

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WaterWeb: Groundwater, Teacher’s Guide

WaterWeb: Groundwater, Teacher’s Guide Download PDF 675KB

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WaterWeb: Ponds

WaterWeb: Ponds Download PDF 1.2MB

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WaterWeb: Ponds, Teacher’s Guide

WaterWeb: Ponds, Teacher’s Guide Download PDF 664KB

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WaterWeb: Sustainability

WaterWeb: Sustainability Download PDF 1.9MB

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WaterWeb: Sustainability, Teacher’s Guide

WaterWeb: Sustainability, Teacher’s Guide Download PDF 208KB

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