Hernando County Task Force

The Council’s Hernando County Task Force receives public input and discusses issues relative to Lake Lindsey, the Weeki Wachee River, Mountain Lake and Hunters Lake (view map). The task force developed a restoration plan and recommendations for these systems (see the Reports link).


Name Representation
Vacant Attorney
George Foster Biologist or another scientific discipline
Michael Liberton East Hernando waterfront property owner
Charles Morton, Chair West Hernando waterfront property owner
Nicholas Nicholson Engineer
Jim Polk Engineer
Timothy Stoops, Secretary Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce

Hernando County Technical Advisory Group

John Burnett, Hernando County
Virginia Creighton, FDOT
James Davidson, USACOE
Barbara Nordheim, SWFWMD
Terry Hansen, FDEP
Paul Thomas, FFWCC

Hernando County Task Force Meetings

View/download PDF versions of task force meeting presentations.

Meetings begin at 3:30 p.m. Locations vary; please see agendas for address information.

Monday, October 3 cancelled
Monday, September 12 cancelled
Monday, July 11 cancelled
Monday, May 2 cancelled
Monday, February 29 Agenda
Monday, January 4 Agenda Minutes
Tuesday, September 8 Agenda Minutes
Monday, June 1 Agenda Minutes
Monday, April 6 cancelled
Monday, March 2 Agenda Minutes
Monday, January 5 cancelled
Monday, October 6 cancelled
Tuesday, September 2 Agenda Minutes
Monday, July 21 Agenda Minutes
Monday, May 5 Agenda Minutes
Monday, March 3 Agenda Minutes
Monday, January 6 Agenda Minutes
Tuesday, October 1 cancelled
Tuesday, September 3 Agenda Minutes
Friday, August 9 Agenda Minutes
Monday, July 1 cancelled
Monday, May 6 Agenda Minutes
Monday, March 4 Agenda Minutes
Monday, January 7 cancelled
Monday, October 1 Agenda Minutes
Tuesday, September 4 Agenda Minutes
Monday, July 2 cancelled
Monday, May 7 cancelled
Monday, March 5 cancelled
Tuesday, January 3 cancelled
Monday, October 3 cancelled
Tuesday, September 6 Agenda Minutes
Tuesday, July 5 cancelled
Monday, May 2 cancelled
Monday, March 7 cancelled
Tuesday, January 4 cancelled
Monday, October 4 Agenda Minutes
Tuesday, September 7 Agenda Minutes
Tuesday, July 6
Monday, May 3 cancelled
Monday, March 1 Agenda
Monday, January 4 cancelled
Tuesday, September 8 Agenda Minutes
Tuesday, July 7 Agenda Minutes
Monday, May 4 Agenda Minutes
Monday, March 2 cancelled
Monday, January 5 cancelled
Monday, October 20 Agenda Minutes
Monday, August 25 Agenda Minutes
Monday, July 7 Agenda Minutes
Monday, May 5 Agenda Minutes
Monday, March 3 Agenda Minutes
Monday, January 7 Agenda Minutes

*Additional meeting if needed to prepare the Report to the Legislature


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