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Surplus Lands Assessment

Upon the direction of its 13-member Governing Board, the District has initiated a project to assess its land holdings for potential surplus options.

The objectives of the Surplus Lands Assessment project are to identify lands that no longer meet the original acquisition purpose, or do not provide water resource benefits, such as flood control, recharge, water storage, water management, conservation and protection of water resources, water resource and water supply development, or preservation of wetlands, streams and lakes. For example, a landowner may have been unwilling to divide a property offered for sale, so the District purchased the entire parcel recognizing that some portions may have little conservation value. Another example are acquisitions for specific projects, where once the project was completed, land was left unused.

Mission Statement

Review the SWFWMD’s land holdings to ensure their support of the water supply, flood protection, water quality and natural systems areas of responsibility thereby ensuring the diligent and efficient stewardship of both land and financial resources for the citizens of Florida. The review process will confirm the original acquisition purpose and current water management benefits within the four areas of responsibility, facilitate a transparent public decision-making process and, if appropriate, consider a full range of potential surplus options.

The Assessment Process

The Governing Board appointed a Surplus Lands Subcommittee, made up of six Governing Board members, to provide guidance to staff and to review future staff recommendations. Staff and the Subcommittee assessed lands that are solely owned and managed by the District. View map of lands owned and managed by the District.

First the District held four regional Surplus Lands Assessment public information meetings as follows:

December 13, 2011, Lecanto Government Building
December 14, 2011, Bartow Service Office
January 10, 2012, Tampa Service Office
January 11, 2012, Sarasota Service Office

Following the public information information meetings and completion of the surplus assessments for each of the four regions, the Governing Board Subcommittee held one meeting in each of the assessment regions to consider surplus recommendations for that region as follows:

March 7, 2012, Sarasota County Administration Building
May 10, 2012, Tampa Service Office
August 2, 2012, Tampa Service Office
November 6, 2012, District Headquarters Brooksville

Parcels Evaluated

Analysis is complete and through that process 261,000 acres were evaluated for surplus. Since the original assessment, the Governing Board has also evaluated other parcels to be considered.

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