Three types of permits:

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Why we issue permits

Permits help quantify the amount of surface and underground water used and help us protect associated environmental resources.

Our authority to issue permits is contained in Chapter 373 of the Florida Statutes — statutory guidelines which define how permit applications are evaluated.

Three types of permits

The District issues three major types of permits — water use, environmental resource or surface water, and well construction. For water use and environmental resource or surface water permits there are two tiers: general and individual permits. General permits are issued for water quantities or construction activities below a specified threshold. Individual permits are for larger water quantities or construction projects and typically require approval of our Governing Board.

1. Environmental resource permit (ERP)

Environmental resource permits must be obtained before beginning any construction activity that would affect wetlands, alter surface water flows, or contribute to water pollution.

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2. Water use permit (WUP)

Water use permits allow the withdrawal of a specified amount of water, from the ground or from a lake or river. The water can be used for irrigation, manufacturing and drinking water.

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3. Well construction permit

Well construction permits are required prior to installation of a well within the District. Permits ensure that wells are constructed by qualified contractors and meet rigid safety and durability standards.

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Other permits you may need

Environmental permits also may be required by other federal, state and local agencies. We’ll advise you to seek additional regulatory assistance if needed.

Where to get a permit

Contact any of our service offices for applications or to get any questions answered.

Dispute resolution

If you have any complaints about the process you may seek support through a process of speaking with a supervisor, director or executive staff member. You always have the right to take your case to our Governing Board during its regular monthly meetings.

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