January 19, 2007

Getting a well construction permit now can be just a point and click away thanks to a new online application process developed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

The District issues more than 20,000 well construction permit applications each year.

“This application revolutionizes the way that we conduct business by reducing paperwork, streamlining our business processes, and placing more power in the hands of the individual computer users,” said Terry Redman, information resources director for the District.

The new online process allows applicants to identify well sites by simply pointing on a map. The system also is linked to the property appraiser’s web site, where available, to ensure the most accurate data when submitting an application.

District staff and counties with delegated authority from the District will now review and issue the well construction permit applications online.

The new online well construction permit application process is the first phase of the District’s new Water Management Information System (WMIS). Plans for the remaining phases will integrate information from systems including water use permitting and environmental resource permitting, making it easily accessible for both the staff and the public.

Eventually, information such as rainfall averages, aquifer levels and water use will be available through WMIS for analysis and comparisons.

The anticipated completion date of the entire project is March 2010.

A significant number of well contractors have taken advantage of training opportunities offered by the District. For more information about or to request training, please contact Sonia Beau at 1-800-423-1476, ext. 4730.

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