March 29, 2012

The Southwest Florida Water Management District is encouraging teachers and students to celebrate Water Conservation Month in April by taking the Water Conservation Classroom Challenge.

While the District advocates water conservation year-round, an extra effort is being made to promote conservation throughout April. Governments and water management districts throughout the state have declared April Water Conservation Month because April is traditionally one of the driest months of the year and typically marks the peak demand season for public water suppliers.

The Water Conservation Classroom Challenge is an online tool targeted at K-12 teachers and students to increase water-saving actions at home and school. Teachers facilitate a lesson with students to pledge to conserve water and develop a plan for a conservation activity. Each participating classroom receives a free conservation challenge kit with class sets of conservation posters, stickers, water use surveys, leak detection tablets, bookmarks and pencils.

Teachers completing a water conservation activity are encouraged to mail a copy or sample of the work product to the District. If the District features the project on its website, the classroom receives additional educational materials.

More information on the classroom challenge can be found at

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