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March 20, 2012

The Southwest Florida Water Management District is inviting the public to comment on proposed minimum flows and levels (MFLs) for Gum Slough Spring Run and associated springs in northwestern Sumter County and southwestern Marion County at a public meeting on Wednesday, April 4.

The rule development public workshop will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Marion Oaks Community Center, 294 Marion Oaks Lane, Ocala.

The state Legislature requires the District to set minimum flows and levels (MFLs) for priority water bodies within the District. A minimum flow or level is the limit at which further water withdrawals will cause significant harm to the water resources and/or environment.

During the workshop, District staff will review the regulatory framework and the technical basis for the proposed MFLs. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for local governments, residents and others to be part of the development of minimum flows and levels for the spring system.

Public comment gathered at the workshop will be summarized and presented to the Governing Board when staff submits the results of an ongoing independent peer review in the coming months. Following consideration of the comments and peer review report, the Governing Board may choose to adopt the MFLs into District rules. Governing Board meetings are open to the public where brief oral comments are permitted on meeting agenda items.

A draft report containing information on the development of MFLs for Gum Slough is posted on the District’s website. To locate the report, visit and click on the “MFL documents and reports” link. For more information, please contact Gary Williams at 1-800-423-1476, ext. 4286.

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