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Myakka City Elementary

1. Summary
If your grant includes a field program, please state the location you will be visiting and provide a summary of the field program.

Myakka Mysteries is a field trip program at Myakka River State Park in Sarasota, FL, designed for students to explore watershed ecology of the Myakka River through a series of hands-on activities. Their experience takes then on a journey through numerous habitats such as hardwood hammocks, wetlands, flood plains and finally, the river itself. As a rain-fed river, students investigate how anthropogenic activities alter the flow of water, introduce pollutants and invasive species, and impact the ecological balance with in freshwater ecosystems.

2. Activities
What activities will students complete throughout the grant? Remember the focus of your project must be on freshwater education. Will water savings be documented?

Students will participate in the following activities: – Canopy Walk/Nature Loop: Students learn about the ecology of various habitats within the flood plain forest and Myakka watershed. The role of prescribed burns in habitat diversity is explored. Participants discuss the unique adaptations of the flora and explore the impact that light availability has on the plant biodiversity.
-Investigation of the Upper Myakka Lake: Tracing the flow of water from the storm clouds to land and into the Myakka River system, students discover first hand the cycle of flood and drought and the impacts of agriculture, irrigation, and water diversion projects. Participants discuss the various aquatic invasive plant species, such as hydrilla, with particular emphasison the control and eradication techniques.

3. Project Message
How will your projectÕs message and/or lessons be shared with the greater school community, families or surrounding neighborhoods?

4. STEM Related
What STEM-related teaching strategies will be employed to actively engage students in water resources education?

Project budget

Item Cost Notes from SWFWMD staff
Nature's Academy Field Trip Cost for STUDENTS
Park entry, suppplies, educational programs
Nature's Academy Field trip cost for chaperones
All chaperones complimentary
SWFWMD supplies
Educational Materials

= approved
= denied

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