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Cracker Trail Elementary

1. Summary
If your grant includes a field program, please state the location you will be visiting and provide a summary of the field program.

Students will participate in a series of experiments investigating water pollution. Students will also participate in hands-on activities exploring the water cycle. Local actions creating a global effect will be a theme, as students examine the watershed model and discuss how the water cycle spreads water across the globe. Students will examine water usage and learn conservation and preservation methods via interactive websites. Florida Aquarium will bring live animals to the school and conduct on-site water testing in a hands-on demonstration through the Aquaventures program. Three classrooms will host terrariums in which students can observe the water cycle occurring in a miniature ecosystem.

2. Activities
What activities will students complete throughout the grant? Remember the focus of your project must be on freshwater education. Will water savings be documented?

Students will also research the affect of pollution on freshwater habitats, and classes will adopt an endangered animal whose habitat includes freshwater areas: manatees, bald eagles, Florida black bears, Florida panthers, and American alligators. Students will participate throughout the year in experiments relating to the water cycle and water pollution. Students may choose to make one of the water experiments their contribution to the school science fair in February. Students will observe the water cycle occurring in various student-created ecosystems, and hypothesize the impact various human actions could have on their ecosystem.

3. Project Message
How will your projectÕs message and/or lessons be shared with the greater school community, families or surrounding neighborhoods?

4. STEM Related
What STEM-related teaching strategies will be employed to actively engage students in water resources education?

Project budget

Item Cost Notes from SWFWMD staff
Substitute for Sharing Day
Substitute for project coordinator
Bill Nye The Science Guy Lakes and Ponds DVD
Engaging DVD discussing freshwater sources
Animal Adoption fees
Adoption of American alligator, manatee, bald eagle, Florida panther, and Florida black bear
$250 need stronger water component
Bill Nye The Science Guy Water Cycle DVD
Engaging DVD discussing freshwater sources
Bill Nye the Science Guy Rivers and Streams DVD
Engaging DVD discussing freshwater sources
Bill Nye The Science Guy Wetlands DVD
Engaging DVD discussing a freshwater habitat
Bill Nye The Science Guy Pollution Solutions DVD
Engaging DVD discussing pollution sources
Water Testing kits
10-pack of WaterSafe kits
One Well book by Rochelle Straus
Class set of books that describes how we treat the water in a well will affecct every species on the planet.
Lakeshore Instant Learning Center
Water Cycle investigation station
Steve Spangler Duo-scope
mircroscopes to examine tiny organisms found in freshwater sources
Microscope slides
Materials found in freshwater on slides
Classroom consumables
materials for experiments, i.e. plastic tubs, cotton balls, food coloring, sponges, paper, plastic baggies
Florida Aquarium Aquaventures program
Florida Aquarium's hands-on aquatic animal experience and on-site water testing
Water curriculum book
Evan-Moor's water curriculum guide provide lessons and activities
Steve Spangler Hydropower kit
hands-on activity that demonstrates the power of harnessing freshwater resources
Water Pollution and Waste Water Treatment Kit
Hands-on activity for students to explore pollution treatment methods
Water Cycle in a Box Kit
Hands-on investigations of the water cycle
Water cycle game
Interactive game that helps students understand the concept of ground water versus land runoff
Water cycle model and study cards
hands-on water cycle demonstration piece
$125 SWFWMD budget constraints
Terrarium kits
classroom ecosystems for students to examine the water cycle at work in an ecosystem

= approved
= denied

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