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Lake Country Elementary

1. Summary
If your grant includes a field program, please state the location you will be visiting and provide a summary of the field program.

This project is designed to help 526 Pre-K through 5th grade students, at Lake Country Elementary, to cultivate water conservation habits through gardening. According to a 2005 Florida Geological water use survey, agricultural irrigation withdrew the largest amount of freshwater, at 2,766 million gallons per day with Highlands County reported at using 107 million gallons per day. Our desire is to provide our students with an understanding of current agricultural water use practices, then provide them with examples of alternative growing systems, that use less water, to explore and compare. We then want to challenge our students to develop their own water saving agricultural growing systems that conserve water resources, while reducing the potential for water pollution through waste water runoff.

2. Activities
What activities will students complete throughout the grant? Remember the focus of your project must be on freshwater education. Will water savings be documented?

1. Investigations: watershed models, water cycle model, aquifer demonstrations, Student made Aeroponic systems, EarthBoxes (capillary action).

2. Students will go on a field trip to visit Delray Farms, a local commercial growing system, to see the real life application of hydroponic vegetable growing on a large scale.

3. All students will keep an interactive science notebook for reflections on literature connections, research and water conservation investigations. Student responses will be recorded and used for formative assessments.

4. Students will create lowcost models of Earthbox “like” growing systems, and design aeroponic grow systems.

3. Project Message
How will your projects message and/or lessons be shared with the greater school community, families or surrounding neighborhoods?

4. STEM Related
What STEM-related teaching strategies will be employed to actively engage students in water resources education?

Project budget

Item Cost Notes from SWFWMD staff
EarthBox self contained water efficent growing system
EarthBox RB-REPLANT Replant Kit
Replant Kit with Fertilizer, Dolomite and Replacement Covers for the EarthBox Garden to enable multiple plantings
AeroGarden pod covers-pkg 50
AeroGarden pod covers for labeling what is growing in the student created aeroponic grow systems
Universal Baskets/Pods - 50 Pack
AeroGarden baskets that sit in the water for use in the student created aeroponic grow systems
AeroGarden 9401-00Z Extended Season Liquid Nutrients for Herbs
Liquid Nutrients for student created Aeroponic Grow Systems
Grow Domes - 50 Pack
Climate controll plastic grow domes that sit on top of the aeroponic pods for use in the aeroponic grow systems by students
Aerogarden ��ïÿý���î Compatible Replacement Grow Sponges
Grow Sponges that fit inside the aeroponic pods/baskets for the use in the aeroponic grow systems by students
Plastic Shoe Boxes with lids
plastic shoe boxes for the creation of aeroponic grow systems by students
EarthBox 1010053 Staking System
Trellis system for the EarthBox Garden Kit
Cooperative Learning & Hands-On Science Kagan
Instructional strategies for teachers to engage students in active learning
Science Buddies-Kagan
Send home science investigations that will help to connect school-home-gardening
Reaching the Science Standards through Cooperative Learning DVD-Kagan
Insturctional guide for helping teachers to develop insturctional strategies that help students to process and develop critical thinking skills needed for fully maximizing our gardening efforts.
Seeds-Park Seed Company
Seeds for starting in Earthboxes, hydroponic units, and student created aeroponic units
Park-Bio-Domes-Park Seed Company
climate controled rooting system that will help to provide sustainability
Bus expenses for field trip
Bus expenses for 4 buses to visit Delray Farms Hydroponics
vista print signs
these signs will be used at each grade level's grow site to display key concepts learned and to provide acknowledgements to SWFWMD for funding

= approved
= denied

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