Splash! School Grants

Robert E. Willis Elementary School

1. Summary
If your grant includes a field program, please state the location you will be visiting and provide a summary of the field program.

This project will introduce the students to the life that is teeming in a drop of pond water, the importance of freshwater resources, and the importance of water quality and conservation.

2. Activities
What activities will students complete throughout the grant? Remember the focus of your project must be on freshwater education. Will water savings be documented?

First I will assess the prior knowledge the student have regarding water conservation and quality. We will be completing the following activites:

1. Making and studying slides of pond water life.

2. Learning the importance of water filtration and creating working water filters.

3. Testing water samples for quality.

4. Building terrariums to illustrate the water cycle.

I will finish by assessing knowledge learned through presentations to the Willis community of parents and teachers.

3. Project Message
How will your projectÕs message and/or lessons be shared with the greater school community, families or surrounding neighborhoods?

4. STEM Related
What STEM-related teaching strategies will be employed to actively engage students in water resources education?

Project budget

Item Cost Notes from SWFWMD staff
Class Water Test Kits
Carolina Biological Item #652747
Small Terraria
Carolina Biological Item #674339A
Carolina Biological Item #597100
Carolina Biological Shipping

= approved
= denied

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