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1. Summary
If your grant includes a field program, please state the location you will be visiting and provide a summary of the field program.

WATER FOR THE FUTURE is a project designed for fourth and fifth graders to increase student awareness of water conservation, water quality, natural systems and watersheds. In addition to classroom study and investigation students will carry out the following activities:

* Construct a working model of a Deep Bed Tertiary Filter System * Construct a Gravity Drum demonstrating water conservation through the use of greywater * Demonstrate knowlege from project findings by creating posters for school display and use in student presentations to lower grade levels and parent shareholder groups * Participate in field trips to natural watershed areas and a waste water treatment plant

WATER FOR THE FUTURE includes pre/post evaluations to measure educational gains. Data collected during the project’s activities will be used in student presentations.

2. Activities
What activities will students complete throughout the grant? Remember the focus of your project must be on freshwater education. Will water savings be documented?

Students will construct a model for a Deep Bed Tertiary Filter System from materials provided through this grant to test the quality of reclaimed water from storm water run offs and retention ponds. Students will use cross curriculum with math and language arts to chart and record data in order to draft reports showing the findings on the quality of these filtered water samples.

Students will collect water samples from the condensors on our schools airconditioning units in order to test the quality of this water. Data will be recorded and analysed to determine if water is fit for human consumption.

Students will explore ways for water conservation by using materials provided through this grant to construct a gravity drum to demonstrate how greywater from our schools cafeteria can be used for landscape irrigation or ground water recharge. Students will calculate how much water has been conserved and used in landscape irrigation in place of being directed to septic system.

Students will create posters to supplement oral presentations about water conservation, alternative water sources and watersheds that will be used in presentations to third grade classes, parent groups and other community shareholders.

Students will construct an information booth about water conservation to be displayed at the Sumter Environmental Education Center (S.E.E.C)

Students will attend field trips to a watershed area to view physical components and hear narrative by forest rangers from our local office of the National Forestry Service to gain understanding of the importance of watersheds and wetlands. A second field trip is planned to a water treatment plant for the city of Leesburg in nearby Lake County in order to compare and contrast man made and natural systems that filter water.

3. Project Message
How will your projectÕs message and/or lessons be shared with the greater school community, families or surrounding neighborhoods?

4. STEM Related
What STEM-related teaching strategies will be employed to actively engage students in water resources education?

Project budget

Item Cost Notes from SWFWMD staff
Waste Water Affluent-Effluent Video
Video to supplement classroom instruction
DVD The Biology of Lakes, ponds, Streams and Wetlands
DVD set to supplement classroom instruction
Environmental Science Activities Book
Guide for hands on activities for water conservation unit
Envirnmental Studies Workbook
Activity worksheets to supplement water conservation unit
Student labware kit
lab materials to conduct labs for project
Classroom measurment set
measurment tools to assist with labs
Triple balance beam
measurment tools to assist with labs
Polyethylene widemouth bottles 250ml
sample collection
polyethylene widemouth bottles 500ml
sample collection
Lamotte Green water monitoring kit
water testing-dissolved oxygen, nitrate,pH, phosphates
$199 Please contact the Youth Education Section for a FREE LaMotte Green Water Quality kit at 1-800-423-1476, ext. 4757.
Carolina filter floss
used in constuction of models
Tubing (lab, clear)
used in construction of models
Child size safety spectacles
student safety
Disposable polyethylene gloves
student safety
2.5 gallon plastic container with spout
used in construction of models
5 gallon plastic container w/graduations
used in construction of models
8 gallon open head drum
used in construction of models
25 foot utility garden hose
used with gravity barrel
55 gallon plastic drum
used for gravity barrel model
Enviroscape wetlands model
used for classroom demonstrations on wetlands recognition and runoff protection
Watershed field trip driver/buses
250 4th & 5th grade students attending
$840 SWFWMD budget constraints
Waste water treatment plant field trip driver/buses
250 4th & 5th grade students attending
$840 SWFWMD budget constraints
Watershed education resources box grades 4-8
Resources for teaching students about water

= approved
= denied

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