Splash! School Grants

Expectations of Grant Recipients

Consider the following important information while implementing your grant:

  • A pretest must be administered before beginning the grant and a posttest must be administered at the completion of your grant’s activities. The pretest and posttest should include all the same questions in the same format. Samples tests are located on the Project Completion Forms tab on the right. Please use these as a sample in creating your own test.
    • The grant types list key concepts required to be included on the pre-/posttest.
    • You must submit the average pretest score, the average posttest score and the average knowledge gain in your Final Report.
    • The knowledge gain is calculated by subtracting the average pretest score from the average posttest score. Please record these numbers as a percentage of 100.
    • A copy of the pre-/posttest must be submitted as part of your invoicing documentation. You will upload the pre-/posttest to the Splash! grant dashboard accessed through the Apply/Login tab to the right.
  • Record all direct student participation hours related to the grant for your Final Report. Direct student participants are the students being pre-/posttested.
  • The SWFWMD encourages classroom use of SWFWMD publications and web resources in all projects. Click here to learn more about our free publications and materials, and please visit our teacher and student web resources page (http://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/education/resources/.)
  • Every grant should incorporate classroom activities.
  • Every grant should incorporate a take-home element to inform families about the students’ freshwater resources education.
  • The SWFWMD encourages grantees to inform the entire school community about the grant and the ways students are learning about freshwater resources.
  • During the project activity period, approved grants may need revisions in activities or budget expenditures. If revisions are needed, seek permission from SWFWMD program manager Melissa Gulvin via email. Her email address is Melissa.Gulvin@WaterMatters.org. All changes must be requested in writing. You must wait for approval via email from SWFWMD before proceeding with changes.
  • The SWFWMD, as a public funding source, reserves the right to share all projects, concepts, artwork, photos, videos and other products of these grants with other individuals who desire to create projects in their own schools or communities. Each grant recipient is required to maintain school district photo/video release forms for students included in submitted work products.
  • All funded projects must be completed in accordance with SWFWMD and state rules, regulations and procedures.

Expectations Relating to Cost Reimbursements

  • Your approved budget is outlined when you log in to the Splash! grant dashboard accessed through the Apply/Login tab to the right. The SWFWMD will reimburse for only the items listed in your approved budget.
  • The Final Report and all final documentation must be uploaded the the Splash! grant dashboard prior to May 17, 2013, for the SWFWMD to provide reimbursement of your grant.
  • The SWFWMD will reimburse for your grant only if the required Final Report and final documentation is submitted by the established deadline.
  • Note: The SWFWMD will reimburse only for work done or purchases made after a grant is awarded and a purchase order is issued to the school district.
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