Splash! School Grants

The Splash! school grant program provides up to $3,000* per school to enhance student knowledge of freshwater resources issues. Public and charter school teachers of grades K-12 are eligible to apply.


Grants fit into one of the following types:
• Type 1: Water quality field study
• Type 2: Water-conserving garden project
• Type 3: Community or school awareness    campaign
• Type 4: Freshwater resources field study    program

Funding for the Splash! school grant program is dependent on Southwest Florida Water Management District’s (SWFWMD) Governing Board approval of the FY2014 District budget.

Click here to learn more about Splash! grant types, budget items and expectations. Read this information before submitting your application.

Click here to view the approved field studies programs for grant type 4.

*Depending on available funding.

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