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EPA Numeric Nutrient Criteria Comments, April 22, 2010

The documents below are the District’s formal comments, submitted April 22, 2010, on the EPA’s proposal as submitted to the public docket.

pdf Letter from SWFWMD Executive Director to EPA

pdf Comments of the Southwest Florida Water Management District

pdf Attachments:

  • Attachment A - Draft Alternative Nutrient Criteria for Florida Lakes
  • Attachment B - Defining Target Conditions in Lake Restoration
  • Attachment C - Shifting Baselines Affect Eutrophication Restoration Targets
  • Attachment D - 1996 Water-Quality Assessment for the State of Florida
  • Attachment E - Physical, Chemical and Vegetative Characteristics of Five Gulf Coast Rivers
  • Attachment F - Changes in the Physical, Chemical and Vegetative Characteristics of the Homosassa, Chassahowitzka and Weeki Wachee Rivers
  • Attachment G - Lake Regions of Florida
  • Attachment H - Nonpoint Source Model Development and Basin Management Strategies for Lemon Bay
  • Attachment I - Direct and Indirect Coupling of Primary Production and Diel Nitrate Dynamics in a Subtropical Spring-Fed River
  • Attachment J - Algal Blooms and the Nitrogen-Enrichment Hypothesis in Florida Springs
  • Attachment K - Kings Bay Vegetation Evaluation
  • Attachment L - Water quality Characteristics of the Nearshore Gulf Coast Waters Adjacent to Citrus, Hernando and Levy Counties
  • Attachment M - Origin of Nutrients in Ground Water Discharging from the Kings Bay Springs
  • Attachment N - Sources of Nitrate Contamination and Age of Water in Large Karstic Springs of Florida
  • Attachment O - Generalized Distribution and Concentration of Orthophosphate in Florida Streams
  • Attachment P - Dissolved Phosphorus in Florida Waters
  • Attachment Q - Assessment of Water Quality Responses to Sediment Removal in Lake Hancock
  • Attachment R - Winter Haven Chain of Lakes Pre-BMAP Assessment
  • Attachment S - Cyanobacterial Proliferation Is a Recent Response to Eutrophication in Many Florida Lakes: A Paleolimnological Assessment
  • Attachment T - Limnological Characteristics of North and Central Florida Lakes
  • Attachment U - Crystal River/Kings Bay Surface Water Improvement and Management (SWIM) Plan
  • Attachment V - Rainbow River Surface Water Improvement and Management (SWIM) Plan
  • Attachment W - Southern Water Use Caution Area Recovery Strategy
  • Attachment X - SWFWMD Comments on EPA/FDEP Analysis of Geologic Formations for Determination of Total Phosphorus Numeric Nutrient Criteria for Flowing Surface Waters
  • Attachment Y - Experimental Studies on the Effects of Nutrient Loading and Sediment Removal on Water Quality in Lake Hancock
  • Attachment Z - PaIeolimnological Characterization of Pre-Disturbance Water Quality Conditions in EPA-Defined Florida Lake Regions