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Shapefile Library

This legacy Shapefile Library will be removed on Oct. 1, 2016.

Please visit our new Open Data Site to access SWFWMD’s GIS data. The Open Data site works best with either Firefox or Chrome and is available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Open Data Site »

Cartographic »

Generalized cartographic layers used for presentation purposes on maps at a scale of 1:500,000 or smaller. No analysis should be performed with these layers.

Cultural »

Layers representing man made features such as roads. This library includes layers that are both sparse and dense.

Data Collection »

Layers containing information on District data collection sites.

Demographics »

Layers that contain demographic data, such as census information.

Indexes »

Layers that serve as index maps to other data sets such as aerial photographs or USGS quadrangle maps.

Land Resources »

Layers representing District-owned, District-maintained or public owned lands.

Physical Dense »

Layers representing physical features such as soils or land use. This library contains layers with a large numbers of polygons, arcs or points.

The Photo Interpretation Key is to be used with the District’s Land Use and Cover datasets. It contains general information about the mapping methods, mapping conventions, and includes photographs of each land use and cover classification used at the District. The classification system is derived from the Florida Land Use and Cover Classification System (FLUCCS). The document is an Adobe PDF.

Photo Interpretation Key pdf

Physical Sparse »

Layers representing physical features such as drainage basins or physiographic regions. This library contains layers with relatively few polygons, arcs or points.

Political »

Layers containing political boundaries such as municipal and county boundaries. These layers have a detailed coast line.

Potmaps »

Annual May and September potentiometric surface maps created by the USGS.

Regulatory »

Layers containing information on District permits. This library also contains other data regularly used by Regulatory staff.

Stressed Lakes »

These feature classes can be used to determine if a water body is stressed for the designated year, according to the Guidance Levels established in Chapter 40D-8, FAC.


Layers for support of Surface Water Improvement and Management projects.