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Section D

Public Supply Annual Reports and Significant Use

Each year, the District conducts annual surveys of public and private potable water suppliers. These surveys are an important source of data and information that are used to support the District’s water resource programs and initiatives, including water supply planning, water use permitting and water conservation.

Form and instructions

Section D-1

Three-year average Districtwide percent industrial/commercial use for significant use deductions (Type B)

If a utility’s industrial/commercial use as a percentage of gross use exceeds the three-year Districtwide average, the utility may be entitled to a deduction of the difference from gross use for the purposes of calculating service area per capita water use.

See Significant Use in Section 3.6, Part B of the Water Use Permit Information Manual for details and limitations.

Section D-2

Public Supply Annual Report Flushing Deduction Calculator

Use this tool to calculate, document, and report treatment loss deductions for the PSAR. Enter your total withdrawals, imported/exported water, and total treatments losses to arrive at an allowable flushing deduction. From these values, the tool automatically calculates your gross water use, with the flushing deduction included, to report on Part A of the report.