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The Fraud and Compliance Hotline is an anonymous hotline for employees to report fraudulent, unethical or other dishonest behavior.

The Southwest Florida Water Management District provides an anonymous hotline for employees to report fraudulent, unethical or other dishonest behavior.

The District defines fraud as involving a willful or deliberate act or omission with the intention of obtaining an unauthorized benefit, service, property or something of value by deception, misrepresentation or other unethical or unlawful means. Fraud can be committed through many methods, including but not limited to mail, telecommunications, computer and the Internet.

Some examples of fraud include:

  • Forgery or unauthorized alteration of documents or computer records.
  • Unauthorized use or destruction of District property, records or other District assets.
  • Misappropriation of funds, securities, equipment, supplies or other assets.
  • Authorizing or receiving payment for time not worked.
  • Unauthorized use of District property and resources for personal activities.
  • Making false statements with the intention of harming someone else.

The Fraud and Compliance Hotline is an analog phone line with no identification or call-back features to ensure that calls are completely anonymous. Hotline calls are only answered by the District’s inspector general.

All employees should be on the alert for fraud or any indication that unethical or dishonest activity is taking place. Any employee who believes that a fraudulent activity has occurred or is occurring should report it immediately to the District’s inspector general by calling the Fraud and Compliance hotline at (352) 754-3482. Any incidents involving the office of inspector general should be reported to the District’s general counsel.

For more information about fraud, view the District’s Comprehensive Fraud Policy. Public inquiries regarding District policies and procedures, disputes or other concerns should be directed the District’s ombudsman.

Contact Information

Fraud and Compliance Hotline
(352) 754-3482