This calculator is only intended to highlight potential savings. Actual costs and savings will vary.

Calculate potential costs and savings:

  1. Enter number of total single-family residential customers.
  2. Enter number of total multi-family residential customers.
  3. Enter number of total commercial customers.
  4. Is training needed? (cost: $4,000)
  5. Are research and development required? (cost: $25,000)

Potential costs and savings:

Total cost:
Program benefit: gallons per day
5-year water savings: million gallons


  1. Total cost based on a $50 rebate and includes contractor and administration costs. (Ayres Associates, 2000 Report)
  2. Overlap of savings may occur if more than one conservation measure is implemented.
  3. Costs source: Development of Water Conservation Options for Non-Agricultural Water Users Report, Ayres Associates, August 2000.
  4. Note to SWFWMD water use permit holders: Permittees who are required to submit a water conservation plan as a permit condition should review the model application assumptions, and may only count the savings of conservation measures that are demonstrated to be applicable, and the extent to which they are applicable, to their unique characteristics.

    Reminder: This calculation is for illustrative purposes only; any costs and savings will vary depending upon your specific customers or site characteristics.
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