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Water Restrictions Violation Reporting Form

Please use this form to report a possible water restriction violation.

You may also call any of the following hotline phone numbers to report a violation during Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding major holidays:

  • 1-800-848-0499
  • 1-800-836-0797, ext. 2298
  • (813) 985-7481, ext. 2298

Reports may remain anonymous. However, you must provide the violation location, day and approximate time of the violation, and a brief description of what activity was observed.

  • DO use this form to provide information regarding an alleged watering violation.
  • DO NOT use this form to submit a comment or question about watering restrictions, or to register a complaint that is not related to a watering violation.

Watering restriction questions and comments can be submitted to

All other matters, including complaints that are not related to a watering violation, can be submitted to

  • Violation Location

  • Day & Time (Required, at least one specific occurrence.):


    Activity Observed

  • Contact Information

  • This information is optional and becomes public record.