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Southwest Florida Water Management District

Water Restrictions Violation Reporting Form

Please use this form to report a possible water restriction violation within our 16-county region of Florida.

You may also call any of the following hotline phone numbers to report a violation during Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding major holidays:

  • 1-800-848-0499
  • 1-800-836-0797, ext. 2298
  • (813) 985-7481, ext. 2298

Reports may remain anonymous. However, you must provide the violation location, day and approximate time of the violation, and a brief description of what activity was observed.

  • DO use this form to provide information regarding an alleged watering violation.
  • DO NOT use this form to submit a comment or question about watering restrictions, or to register a complaint that is not related to a watering violation.

Watering restriction questions and comments can be submitted to

All other matters, including complaints that are not related to a watering violation, can be submitted to

  • Violation Location

  • Day & Time (Required, at least one specific occurrence.):

    Date Time AM/PM

    Activity Observed

  • Contact Information

  • This information is optional and becomes public record.

  • Type the characters pictured below into the form field using only uppercase characters. (This step prevents automated software from potentially degrading the quality of service of the ordering system. Thanks for your understanding!)