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Florida-Friendly Irrigating: It just makes sense

Watch the weather, wait to water!

  • Water only when your yard needs it. The simplest way to determine if your yard needs water is to look for these visual clues:
    • Grass blades are folded in half lengthwise on at least one-third of your yard.
    • Grass blades appear blue-gray.
    • Grass blades do not spring back, leaving footprints on the lawn for several minutes after walking on it.
  • Watch our video below to learn how to recognize these signs in your yard.
  • Watch the weather and wait to water. If your yard is showing signs that it needs water, check your local forecast to see if rain is on the way.
  • Use a rain gauge to determine how much rain your yard has received.
  • If you have a rain sensor, make sure that it is working properly. Check out the how-to video below.
  • Take full advantage of the rain! Make sure gutter downspouts are directed into landscaped areas or lawn.

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The FFI team can help you use less water on your landscape and still have a beautiful yard.

Lou Kavouras from the District, Jim Davis from UF and Carol Ann Breyer, one of Florida’s master gardeners, have joined together to form the Florida-Friendly Irrigating Team. The District, UF and Florida’s master gardeners have various missions, but our science, values and education align when it comes to caring for your Florida yard.

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Test rain sensors.
Make sure your rain shutoff device is working properly. To test, turn the sprinklers on and squirt the device with a hose. After the preset amount is received, the sprinklers should shut off.


July is "smart irrigation" month.
During the summer months of July, August and September, yards need only about ¾-inch of water every 2 to 3 days, so you can turn off your irrigation system for extended periods of time.


Let it rain!
Turn off sprinkler heads to planted areas that do not need water in the rainy season. Make sure gutter downspouts are directed into landscaped areas or your lawn.

Quick how-to videos

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See how some communities save big with Florida-Friendly Irrigating principles.

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65% of District residents said they would support changes in their community's rules and regulations to reduce lawn watering. Find out how you can make your community more Florida-friendly.

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