Colleen ThayerPublic Affairs Bureau Chief

As bureau chief of Public Affairs, Colleen Thayer oversees Board and Executive Services, Communications and External Affairs at the District. The bureau is responsible for supporting the 13-member Governing Board, Executive Office and advisory committees. The bureau also coordinates all internal communications, develops and maintains the District’s internal and external websites, and advances education and information efforts to develop an environmentally conscious and responsible public. Another responsibility of the bureau is to work with local governments, state and federal elected officials, community and civic organizations, and the media. In addition, Thayer overseas the collaborative planning and analysis for water and natural resources sustainability for Florida residents.

Thayer served as the legislative affairs manager for the District for the past seven years. Prior to that she was the director of public and government relations for Coastal Behavioral Healthcare, a regional community mental health center. She also served as the chief legislative aide for Sen. John McKay, a legislative aide for Rep. Shirley Brown, and a constituent services representative for Rep. Porter Goss.

Thayer’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in management and leadership. She also holds her accreditation in public relations and is a certified public relations counselor.