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Ken FrinkOperations, Lands & Resource Monitoring Division Director

As director of the Operations, Lands & Resource Monitoring Division, Ken Frink is responsible for overseeing a wide range of District activities, including structure operations, land management, construction and data collection. He oversees the 81 District-owned flood control and water conservation structures and canal rights-of-way within the 16-county area. In addition, he oversees the maintenance and management of 271,000 acres of District conservation lands. Frink also oversees the collection, management and stewardship of hydrologic, geohydrologic, water quality, land use and topographic data. His division provides construction services for hydrologic restoration projects on District-owned lands and for the District’s Surface Water Improvement and Management (SWIM) Program. The District’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) also resides under Frink’s division.

Frink has a broad background in both private and public work. His past experience includes being the assistant county administrator and public works director for Citrus County as well as the city engineer for the City of Winter Haven. Frink’s experience in the private sector included a partnership with a Citrus County engineering firm, where he worked on numerous projects within the District for both public and private clients.

Frink earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of South Florida (USF). Prior to attending USF, Frink also attended the U.S. Coast Guard Academy for two years. He is a certified professional engineer.

Frink is active in the community both professionally and civically. He served as a Citrus County Mosquito Control Board commissioner and was a member of the Executive Board of Directors for the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce. Frink is involved with numerous other organizations such as the Florida Engineering Society and the National Society of Professional Engineers.