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Robert BeltranExecutive Director

Robert Beltran is the executive director of the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Beltran is a professional engineer with two decades of experience helping clients on water resource issues. He has worked throughout Florida with the public and private sector on water-related initiatives including stormwater, wastewater, reclaimed water, drinking water and alternative water supply projects.

Beltran holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and master’s degree in environmental engineering from Tulane University in New Orleans. He is a diplomate of environmental engineering. Beltran also is a member of various professional associations and is a past president of the Florida Engineering Society Ridge Chapter.

Since joining the District in 2012, some of the major District initiatives under Beltran’s direction include:

  • Focusing District resources to protect and restore first-magnitude springs. Successfully released real-time data for first magnitude spring systems allowing water quality conditions for these springs to be viewed by the public.
  • Acquiring Boat Springs, an 82-acre parcel that will protect the water resources of the Hammock Creek spring system, link existing District ownerships and enhance the natural systems of the Weekiwachee Preserve.
  • Evaluating the success of recovery efforts in the Southern Water Use Caution Area and identifying necessary adjustments to reach goals.
  • Leading the Solutions Team for the Central Florida Water Initiative, a multi-jurisdictional effort to ensure an adequate water supply in a five-county region that overlaps three water management districts.
  • Restoring habitat to preserve, protect and restore natural systems.
  • Reducing timelines for issuing permits while maintaining environmental protections.
  • Improving customer service and expanding online permitting availability.
  • Completing a Business Plan that maps out the expertise, tools and funding necessary for the District to meet its Strategic Plan goals and priorities over the next five years.